This module will show you how to plan your launch in three distinct phases:

  1. The pre-launch phase. This is where you get people excited about your upcoming launch so you’ll maximize your chances of getting a nice profit windfall on launch day and soon after.
  2. The launch phase. This is where you start to “snowball” your marketing efforts to build your profits and your list now that your product is available to the public.
  3. The post-launch phase. This is where you streamline your operations and build your ongoing income.

Each of those phases has some steps you need to take, and this guide will give you the tools and inspiration you need to launch your online business and start making money.

Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never launched a product before. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning marketing performance with all the “big names” on board. You can be successful without all of that. All you really need is a simple game plan to follow that has been proven to work over and over again.