Passive Profit University’s series of guides is split up into 6, easy to read modules.

Each module is easy to follow. ALL 6 modules give you what you need to know before starting your business and how to get the ball rolling.

Don’t bounce around trying to find what works. Passive Profit University works. It is a proven method used repeatedly in various businesses that have been launched with this system.

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Module 1 – Battle Plan

This first module gives you a relatively quick overview of how all the parts fit together, and what options you have at different stages of your business. This module will help you get your head around the “big picture” so you don’t get lost in the details as you go.

Module 2 – Starting Your Business

Tech stuff and online business setup activities are such a roadblock for so many people. It’s like facing a mountain you have to climb before you can see what’s beyond it. This module will help you get to the top of that mountain. It introduces the terms and concepts you need to know. You don’t have to know everything or be a technical wizard.

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Module 3 – Deciding What to Sell

This module will show you how to select a profitable market and choose a hot topic that people are eager to hear about. You’ll learn how to research markets to determine and decide what to sell to that market. This module will give you a few methods for creating a product using the core business model discussed in Module 1.

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Module 4 – Planning Your Launch

This module will show you how to plan your launch in three distinct phases. Each of the 3 phases has steps that you need to take. Module 4 will guide you through each of these. There is a wealth of knowledge that is presented in an easy-to-read format. You’ll have all the tools you need to go to to the next step, launching your product.

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Module 5 – Quick Product Creation

This module will walk you through how to start from scratch to make products and sell them, or to sell products that are already made so you can adapt them and sell them. This module will describe a simple five-step approach for using resell rights of various types to develop “your” product very fast. Find out what you need to know about product creation and bringing it to market.

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Module 6 – Your Affiliate Program

In this final module, you will learn the ins and outs of generating traffic for your website and putting your product in front of people to buy, buy, buy. There are many ways to do this, but one of the ways, and the main focus of this module, will let you discover how easy it is to let other people do the work of selling your product for you by setting up an affiliate program.

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Module 1 – 6 – The Entire Module

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